Don’t give incoming freshmen a semester to fall behind. Students use CircleIn 23 minutes a day for peer to peer homework and studying help.

Breaking Down Barriers for Freshmen

The National Science Foundation has awarded us a grant to help further our work improving student outcomes. Please contact us to schedule a conversation for specific details.

We share the same goals

Course Completion


Improving your metrics to become “equal to the best”

We want to help your students reach their education goals their first time around...

Let’s close learning gaps together for freshmen

and reduce discrepancy between the minority and the majority student groups

How do students use CircleIn?

Rebecca scores 500 points for sharing her class notes, 21 students students view her notes, and 8 students thank her

Sarah earns 1,500 points for hosting a video study session with three of her classmates

Tony earns 750 points for sharing his 39 flashcards for the upcoming test on Friday

The points Rebecca, Tony and Sarah earned for helping each other get coverted automatically to deals and rewards 

We were once freshman. We get it. We all heard the speech... “Look to your left, look to your right, the ones sitting next to you, won’t make it.”

Our Story

But we believe it doesn't have to be that way and by breaking down the barriers that have traditionally caused the ones “to the left and the right to” to dropout, that we can lead more students to completion.

We’re not concerned with building endless features. We are obsessed with helping freshman get to the next level.

Freshman Year is difficult

We can help your freshmen with course completion

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